Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Kitchen (and my pantry of shame)

Today you get a glimpse of my kitchen.
Exactly as it is in the morning.  
Dirty dishes and all.

I love that space.  It kind of got cut off, but there's a window over the sink on the left side, so I can watch the girls play outside while I bake or prep veggies or whatever.
We did a major kitchen remodel after a flood several years back.  I don't recommend this as the route to a new kitchen, but I am grateful for the space.

I am not, however, so happy with my pantry.  The shelves are pretty deep, and I never seem to keep them organized.  I mean, I lost a jar of coconut oil in there.  Seriously.  I gave up and opened a new one this morning.

See those jars in the back . . . behind the flour bags?  There's almond flour somewhere back there. Dang it.  Almond flour is expensive.  It needs a better place.

But this is why I'm doing this workshop.  We eat a mostly gluten-free vegetarian diet already, but I'm horribly disorganized.  I think my main problem is that I have a mix of food in store containers/bags and food in jars.  I don't immediately transfer my stuff when I get back from the store, so it quickly becomes a big, jumbled mess.

Plus, I haven't found a good rotation system for these deep shelves.  Things (coconut oil, almond flour . . . expensive things) get lost or forgotten in the shadows.

I need a pantry fairy.
Or pantry gnomes.
Yes, pantry gnomes would be nice.

Moving on to something much prettier than my pantry.

Made with rainbow lights chard from my garden, tomatoes and cucumbers from the farmer's market (our tomatoes are still green), and topped with sunflower seeds, red pepper flakes, and a simple balsamic-olive oil dressing I keep mixed in the cabinet.  Summer.

And for a little extra kick, homemade pickled spicy beans.

I have some beans and carrots in the fridge calling out to me to ferment them.  But first I'd like to clear out some space in the fridge.  It's not quite as bad as the pantry . . . not quite.

My plan is to have that pantry whipped into shape by the end of the month.
Until then, send any spare gnomes my way.


  1. Wow - your kitchen is beautiful! I really like the wall colours and your super healthy lunch makes me feel guilty for not eating something so sublime :)

    1. I love that red, too. And while that salad was pretty and tasty, I was starving a couple of hours later. I really need to work in some grains in the morning or at lunch.

  2. Your kitchen is lovely! I hate when I lose things in my pantry and then buy more only to realize that I *did* have it in the first place. But I hope to whip my pantry into better shape soon, too. I started a kitchen reorganization last June when I was reading Organized Simplicity, but never made it to the pantry. I swear I block it out of my mind. :)

    1. I did the same thing las year with Organized Simplicity!!! I just made a list of things I didn't get to, but I somehow never got around the the list . . .

  3. I love your kitchen and my pantry looks just like yours more often than not. I have such admiration that you soldier on with the gluten free/vegan - I would be jealous of people who get to eat wraps too! I have too many people eating up the coconut oil to lose one, I think I might try hiding it. My boys love popcorn and are waay to generous with the coconut oil when making it - that stuff is not cheap! So nice to find your blog.

    1. My little people devour the coconut oil, too. By the spoonful! I was running low on one jar and lost my backup . . . it's in there somewhere. . . still haven't found it . . .

      Thanks for stopping by!