Monday, June 25, 2012

Change and a Haircut

  • Apparently, there's this thing called twitter.  I finally set up my own page, and I feel so old . . . you kids and your darn hashtags . . . I can handle a complicated g+ account, but somehow twitter confounds me.  I don't even understand the easy cheat-sheet guides . . . they're speaking in some weird code I don't understand . . . I might just stick my head back in the sand . . .
  • Got a haircut.  Actually, I got all of my hairs cut. (Yes, I'm a dork.  That cracks me up every time.)  I missed my short hair.
  • I'm taking a summer break for the first time . . . ever.  Since I started high school, I have either worked (usually multiple jobs), taken classes, homeschooled, or attended/taught at various band/drum corps camps through the summer.  I have always felt very . . . adult . . . so I skipped a lot of the fun stuff.  This summer, this month at least, we aren't doing any of those things.  Instead, I'm puttering around the house, resting my brain, and remembering how to have fun.  It feels so . . . odd.
  • I also decided to focus on one thing at a time.  No more multitasking.  This week I'm continuing to clean and organize around here.  When that's done, some time next month, I'll spend a week planning next year (homeschool).  Then I'll focus on writing the new story in my head.  I need to clear out the physical and mental clutter first.  Otherwise, I'll drive myself nuts.

Change is good . . . 
What have you changed recently?


  1. Firstly - yay you are on twitter! I am fairly new too... I only started really using my account in May.
    Secondly.. I love the hair cut! I have been day dreaming of cutting my hair short.. I think it looks great! Well done :)

    1. Thanks, Sonya! I haven't had it this short in a while, but it definitely feels more "me."