Thursday, June 14, 2012


I don't know where to give credit.  Opening up this site?  The vegan diet?  Yoga? (Ok, just sun salutations in the morning, but at least it's the start of a habit.)  Throwing aside the to-do lists and enjoying myself for a couple of days?  Feverish delusions?

Whatever the cause, I have a bit of clarity.
I'm writing fiction again.
And it feels so, so good.

Ok, truthfully, I'm just playing with characters and ideas and narrowing down a one-sentence summary, but I can feel it returning in my bones.  It's been a year since I wrote a page or two of an idea, and almost a year before that since I've written anything substantial.  I needed that break.  I needed the freedom to not have to write for a while.  Now . . . now I want to.  I can feel that urge returning . . .  pages and voices drawing me in.  It's good to be home.

They do, don't they?

The moment I admitted to myself that Yes, I want to write again, I stumbled upon a workshop I wanted to take. Actually, there was a class I wanted to take last year, but didn't feel my heart was in it. That class isn't being offered, but there are new classes even more perfectly suited for me at this moment. One just opened up, and it is currently on sale.I hesitated a little on this vegan workshop. Something told me to jump in and do something good for myself. I did. Now, a new opportunity. Another little hop along the right path.
Chances multiply if you grab them.
Just a quote on my tea tag.
Dangling in front of me.
At just the right moment.


  1. Those Yogi Tea bags often feel like they are speaking to me as well. The 30 Day has definitely brought that clarity you speak go write your book! Those characters are wanting to get on the page :)

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for the nudge. :)