Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Do one thing every day that scares you."
—Eleanor Roosevelt

I'd love to read a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.  She sounds like my kind of gal - sassy but classy.  I mean, really, you've gotta love a woman who leaves behind quotes like, "A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."  There are many more, but that first one has been sitting with me for a while.

Comfort.  We all crave it, and without those comforts - objects, people, passions - we all get a little batty.  I've been slowly working on adding more comfort to my life.  Colors.  Textures.  Scents.  Rituals.  Excursions.  Things that I haven't thought about much before.  Things I found unnecessary.  Things I was too busy to bother with.  I was so, so wrong.  Comfort has become a necessity, and I've wrapped my life up with my own comforts - my family, friends, a little garden, lavender oil, threadbare pajamas, white wine, and herbal tea.   I finally feel . . . comfortable.

Eleanor had the right idea.

Too much comfort leaves you static.  Humans need comfort, but we also need to grow.  To adapt.  It's what makes us special.  The only way to grow, however, is to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.  If something scares the crap out of you, that's probably an indication that you're on the right path.  Suck it up and keep moving forward.

In honor of Eleanor and all things uncomfortable, I have decided to share something.  A picture of my feet.  Ta-da.  Secret: I hate feet.  I don't know why or when it started, but I seriously dislike them.  Since it's nine thousand degrees in the shade during the summer down here, I get over it.  They're everywhere.  And while I do wear flip-flops, I really, really don't want anyone else looking at my feet, forget taking a photo of them.  Ick.  

What did you do today that scared you or made you uncomfortable?


  1. It's making me uncomfortable to leave my kids, especially because they are all in various stages of being sick (again!).

    As for feet, mine are in terrible shape because I use them. I like to go outside barefoot. My feet will never be soft again--good, the driveway doesn't hurt, even in August sun. Last week I overheard two moms talking before music class (we take off our shoes for that). They brought those little socks that just cover the feet, and when they take off their shoes--because it's going-sockless weather now--they put on the little pedi socks so the rest of us can't see their entire feet during class. One, wow, I'd have never thought of that. Two, I'm really not staring at other people's feet during music class. Unless Rex Ryan shows up in class, I think we're all safe from that. ;) And three, I feel kind of bad that mind-energy is spent worrying that other people are judging their feet in a toddler/preschool music class, you know?

    1. Oh thanks. Now I'm gonna worry that my feet are up on Rex Ryan's Pinterest page. I'll bet he has one. ;-)

  2. Pulled weeds in my flower beds when I found snake skins, yuck!!! I am terrified of snakes, even "harmless" black snakes and garter snakes. If they give me a heartattack when I see them, that isn't very harmless, not is it, hahahaha. But, I have to keep pulling those weeds or those flower beds become weed beds and yeah, that's not what I want. The day is still young though, I may still do something even scarier:)
    Have an amazing day Michelle:)

    1. Oh and yeah, my feet are crazy callused too because i am always barefoot, except when I would go to work, but then it was clogs. I love my feet though, they hold me up all day and aren't nearly as scared of stuff as i am, hahaha. They will walk over anything and through anything. I once had a pedicure that a friend of mine treated me to, and it hurt for days to walk on my feet because all the good tough skin had been washed down the drain. But, my toes did look pretty i suppose. Okay, that's all i had to add. Happy Day:)

    2. Oh, I have a crazy fear of snakes, too!!! I might have even called my husband to tell him we were moving when I touched a garter snake with my foot. It is pretty scary digging in to places where critters can be hiding. Good for you picking those weed!

      I'm be barefoot too, but we have an insane amount of fire ants in the yard. Sandals don't stop them much, but at least they slow them down. :)