Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Garden

The joy I receive from each morning's modest harvest never ceases to amaze me.  Who knew a handful of green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers could brighten my whole day?  I certainly wouldn't have believed it a few years ago.

We maintain a small, suburban, backyard garden consisting of four raised beds and a few containers of herbs.  We plan on expanding again next year, but for now it yields just enough for the four of us to enjoy something fresh every day.  It's wonderful to know that we always have sliced cucumbers and tomatoes available for lunch, and that I can change any salad or meal by adding a different handful of herbs.

The pipes are leftover row covers from winter.
Hmm . . . past time to pull those up, you think?
The boxes on the right are filled with a wide variety of tomatoes, a few pepper plants (I nearly killed them earlier this year, but they're starting to produce now), and lots of lemon and lime basil.   The bed on the left has my strawberry plants (somehow I'm still getting a small trickle of little red gems, but now the focus is making new plants to give to my grandfather), green onions, dill, and lots of green beans.  Ken always laughs at this bed, because he says I arrange my plants like my brain is organized - crowded and completely random.  No neat rows here.

This is our newest box and my first successful batch of cucumbers.  They're doing so well here with it the midday shade.  There are also green beans and lemon balm . . . the lemon balm actually needs to be potted, because it's taking over.  Oh, and those potted tomato plants were a bonus.  They sprouted from the compost, and they're actually fruiting now.  Score!

Sadly, it's the end of June, which means we won't have this lovely harvest for long.  These green tomatoes might be our last until next year.   The heat overwhelms them.  Fortunately the green beans should make it through the summer and into the fall, and I'll plant a new crop of cucumbers in August.  Overall, I'm pleased with the growth this year.

What's growing in your garden this year?  Any surprises?

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