Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today marks the end of Heather's 30 Day Vegan Workshop.  It has been an amazing experience, so much more than just a food workshop.  Heather's approach has always been to discover what you need to fill your own individual body and soul.  To listen.  To honor.  The lightness of the food has allowed me to eliminate that brain fog that so often clouds my thinking.  Gluten sends in a heavy cloud, but other foods can also weigh me down in smaller, more subtle degrees.  I enjoyed a month of clear thinking.  I'm not exactly sure where we go from here - we never planned to switch to a permanently vegan lifestyle - but I can't imagine going back to brain fog.

See the lime basil in the back?
It's funny, a small part of my participating in this workshop was to find more recipes for my vegetarian 8 year old, but she has definitely been the squeaky wheel this month!  I'm pretty certain she went through some major cheese withdrawal earlier in the month, and we had a few discussions about listening to our bodies and how those cravings and that crankiness were exactly why we need to limit cheese in the future.  This, of course, did not make her happy (it doesn't exactly make me happy either), but I think she understands.  I don't want to eliminate cheese completely, but I would like for it to be a treat more than a staple in our diets.

I had a few non-vegan days along the way this month.  Three, I think.  And I'm perfectly fine with them.  I was either on the road and unprepared, sick, or honoring someone else's wishes (father's day = meat requests).  Three out of thirty does not equal failure.  It equals life.

With the help of all this clarity of thought, I learned this month that I can make small changes to take better care of myself.  And you know the saying . . . about how when mamma's happy, everyone else is happy?  Yeah, that.  I'm a much better mother and wife when my soul is well-fed.  I've been feeding mine with good food, yoga, creative writing, and growing things.  It's contagious too.  My oldest, once she got past the cheese withdrawal, caught the sewing bug.  She is in a constant state of creating or planning some new creation, and I haven't seen her this happy in quite some time.

So . . . we're transitioning.  I'm not sure yet what we're transitioning to.  I don't know the end goal.  Maybe there isn't one.  All I know is that I'm taking baby steps and discovering how my body reacts to different foods after not having them for a while.  I'm looking out for that fog, and I'm taking care of myself and those around me.
Enjoying a summer of goodness.


  1. The brain fog is killer, isn't it? It amazes me, what I took for "normal" beforehand. Now I just tell people--I ate something I shouldn't have, and I'm feeling stupid. So make some allowances for me!

    1. It's difficult to explain, and even then people don't usually understand. I had cheese last night, and now my face and ear hurt again. Even Ken thinks I'm crazy, but it can't be just a coincidence.
      Love your explanation! :)

  2. Congratulations!! Well done :) You are inspiring.
    Cheese... as you and I have discussed before... so my squeaky wheel. I love love love cheese but I think i have made peace with that in my diet for now.... I didn't stick to the 30 days very well at all so I want to give you a big cheer for being so dedicated. Well done :)

    1. Thanks, Sonya. I normally don't follow through this well, but the month was surprisingly easy. I do believe there is a lot to be said for the right time for something life this. It was just my time.