Friday, July 20, 2012

Acting vs. Reacting

Actors spend a lot of time practicing their reactions.  You know, those long, intense, soap opera stares.  The fits of table-flipping rage.  I'm sure actors spend hours perfecting those scenes.

But this is life.  Not a movie or television show.  We are not being paid to craft some elaborate reaction.   We cannot change the scenes that play out before us any more than we can rid the world of all evil.

We can react, or we can act.
We can't change the world, but we can fill our own corner of it.

Today, I'm choosing to fill my corner of the world with love.
Today I'm filling it with hugs and brownies and kind words to friends who need them.

Tomorrow, I will try to curb my reactions when things don't go as planned.
Tomorrow, I will act as if it is today again.

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  1. Great news! You have been nominated for a Sunshine Award!