Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Praise for the Habit of Writing

I never (or at least rarely ever) suffer from writer's block.  Whether I'm having a conversation, writing articles or blog posts, or drafting a story, I am never at a loss for words.  They may not be "good" words, but I can definitely fill a space with them.  Oh, I've run into walls trying to figure out plot points or get some character out of a jam (or into one), but I let those things roll around in my head while I'm writing something else.  Or I stop thinking altogether and just type away.  So . . . no writer's block here.

That said . . .
I'm stuck.

And I haven't even begun.

Every time I even think about sitting down to work on a new story, I freeze.  What will I write about?  What genre do I want to write in this time?  Who do I want to write about?  What's going to happen?
I have no clue.

I have never been so utterly and completely stuck.

Honestly, I believe this just proves the importance of the habit of writing.  Once I start writing, momentum conquers all.  But starting that motor is rough this time around.  I rested for far too long.   The gears are rusty.

Never fear.  I remind myself I have tools and that all great stories begin with great characters.  I'm printing character worksheets and gathering old magazines to create collages (my muse is quite visual, I've learned).   I might be stuck today, but I promise it won't last long.  I hope to be chugging along by this time next week.

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