Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing Classes and Plans

Now that I'm feeling a little better (that new moon was a bitch this time around) and the new dog is slightly less psychotic and the kids are settling into new learning rhythms, I'm feeling this clarity of thought and desire again.

I'm thinking about the whole draft in 30 days thing again.  I have two months to prep and find my magic again.  I'm pretty certain my oldest (almost 9) will want to do it again with me as part of her school work.  It warms my mama heart to spend that shared time writing side by side.

To prepare and light that spark again, I might need a little help with the process again.  Training wheels, you know?  I've been stalling on the Storywonk Classes, but if you're interested in a full class covering the whole prewriting process, you can get their NaNoWriMo Pre-Game AND Making Magic classes for a reduced combo rate right now.  But my current love is the Writewell Academy.  Lani & Jenny have put together a series of lectures for writers that are very appealing to me.  Small chunks to devour. They have a free intro video to help you decide if the lectures are right for you.  But really, at $10 per lecture, how can they not be worth giving one or two a shot?  I'm going to be working through Intro to Discovery over the next few weeks.  Like I said, I need my magic back.  So I'll be busy making soundtracks (new to me) and collages (LOVE), and I plan to share some of that process here.  I'm even playing around with using new pinterest boards to store some story inspiration.

For the first time in a couple of years, I feel really good about moving forward with writing fiction.  I have a couple of months to develop some new rhythms that incorporate writing time and I have to learn once again to make the choice . . . vacuum or write.  At least for a month or two.  With the dog, it's going to to be a little harder to not choose vacuuming, but January is for cleaning anyway.  Might as well get something written and end up with a first draft as a nice little Chirstmas present to myself.

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