Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Lazy List Post

We're in pajama party prep mode here, so my brain is occupied.  And we're all suffering various stages of a nasty head cold.  What does that mean?  List day!

  • After reading about this, my creepy ex (dubbed Creepy Ex for many reasons, one of which being I woke up to find him sleeping on my bedroom floor after we weren't dating, and I had not let him in the apartment) seems a little less creepy today.
  • I wrote about depression and homeschooling here.  Sometimes homeschooling can be a burden (I'm not going to lie, it's tough some days), but when I use it as a tool, it has saved me from the depths more than once.  
  • We've solved our kitchen fruit fly problem.  We picked up a little venus flytrap at the grocery store, and now we keep it on the windowsill beside the compost bucket.  Problem solved.
  • I'm enjoying Chuck's 25 Personal Writing Rules.  It's most of the same stuff you've heard before, but with less fluff and hand-holding.  Plus lots of profanity & d&d references.  Pay close attention to #18, Care Less.  And number #20, which I typically refer to as "Buck up, Buttercup."
  • I have decided I am not ready to have a 9 yr old.  She and I are going to work out some kind of arrangement to keep her eight for a while longer.  We're working out the details.

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