Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy NaNoWriMo Eve!

It's been a month of sick here, so I am woefully behind in story prep.  But my characters finally have names, I have a general idea of where they are going, and I pretty much know what's going to happen in the first act.  (For my simplified rundown of 3 Act plot structure and how I plan for the month ahead, read here.)  Beyond that, I've got nothing.  I have a map, but I still don't have place names for anything on there.  Hopefully I can get to that later . . . not sure when later . . . this is Halloween and I am a mom and all.  Still, I have a start.  I've tried all methods for writing:  NaNo, non-NaNo, pantsing, plotting.  They all work to a certain degree, but for me I find the best method is a hybrid pantsy-plotting approach.  I develop a very vague spine for my story (usually a couple of major turning points and a possible climax), then I just run with it and figure things out as I go.  And index cards.  Have I mentioned my love of colored index cards?

Act One is hanging there with notes on it, sort of planned out. The rest of the cards are typical plot points that I might or might not use.  They simply serve as guideposts on this journey.  I can use them or not, but they provide a nice map of where I can go next if I ever get stuck.  I also add scene cards as I go along.  Once again, I'm pretty visual, so it helps me to "see" my story this way.  Also, this way . . .

I have a few other pictures that I dragged straight into Scrivener, which I LOVE and always use for drafting now.  The update (yes, it's been that long since I've written) is great, and I already love having those character and setting templates built in.  Not that I've filled them out yet.  Ahem.

Next item of business: after-Halloween clearance sale candy.  For daily word-count rewards.  Absolute necessity.  Fret not.  I have a dental cleaning scheduled for early December.

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