Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Baby Steps

January was rough, but when I looked back over my baby step goals, I realized I accomplished more than I thought I had.

I never finished my cleanse (I had to give in and honor my needs when I got sick a few days in), but I did spend several days kicking a sugar addiction.  Side note: kicking a sugar dependency is worse than anything else I've ever tried to quit.  Seriously, by the second morning I wanted to stab someone, anyone, if only I could find the energy . . .

I didn't jot down many ideas for a new writing project, but I did realize that I need to schedule time for discovery writing.  Yes, I need to schedule time to listen to music and browse pinterest.  Absolutely.

And while I didn't knit those arm warmers for the girls (crap, it's been warm, so it's not like they'd get the chance to wear them this winter anyway), I did get the spring garden planted.

I took baby steps.
I started projects.
I moved forward.

I feel much more clear-headed this month, so I'm ready to bite a little harder into this year's goals.  But I know not to take on too much.  Small bits of progress are more desirable than taking in a large chunk, spitting it out, and feeling like a failure.  With that in mind, here are my baby step goals for February:

  • Family - host another full moon family game night; perhaps with a hike or backyard campout
  • Health - begin each day with glass of lemon water and a few yoga poses
  • Work/Writing - read and make notes on 1st draft of last year's NaNoWriMo project; begin first rewrite (to be finished by the end of March)
  • Other Projects - complete a knitting project (a small gift for girls maybe?); organize our fabric, felt, and yarn stash

I have already begun reading through my first draft, so I'm quite proud of myself for getting a jump on that.  I also picked a knitting project, and I'm working on figuring out the pattern.

All good signs for the month ahead.

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